Muerto Reposado Premium Tequila Bottle


Muerto Spirits uses the best ingredients and the most skilled process to make for an exceptional drinking experience.

Muerto Plata Premium Tequila Bottle


The tradition, the people, the passion; that’s what truly makes a great tequila and why we are proud of our product.We went through a very extensive process to come up with the perfect recipe for a quality tequila. We wanted our tequila to be different, bold, strong and incredibly smooth but within the boundaries of tradition.From how the agave plant is grown to how the plant is processed our distiller puts every ounce of their passion in every bottle of tequila made. They use traditional Mexican and modern methods to produce some of the highest quality tequila juice in Jalisco, Mexico. We are honored to use this juice and brand it Muerto Tequila.


At the crack of dawn, we start in fields of Jalisco, Mexico where Jimadors select only the faultless blue agave plants for harvest. The agave plants are harvested just prior to the rainy season to ensure the sugars are just right. Then, the plants are trimmed precisely around the agave heart. These are called ‘Pinas.’ This helps eliminate the oily, waxy texture and lends to a cleaner fermentation/distillation. After the harvest, the pinas are slowly steam-roasted with centuries-old thick, stone-walled brick ovens called Hornos. This traditional style helps retain the sweet natural flavors of the pina. After the oven roasting, the pinas are shredded through a machine called ‘molino’ or mill. As the pinas are being shredded, the sugars are squeezed into a concentrated sweet juice. During this process only the cleanest reverse osmosis-treated water is used. The juice is then fermented in a very slow 60 hour method where only natural occurring yeast is added. The slow process results in a more natural, full bodied final blue agave tequila flavor. The juice is then put in alembic stills known as pot stills for a slow double-distilled technique. Finally, we fill our unique handmade bottles with this 100% blue agave premium tequila. Muerto is a salud to those who have left us and a celebration to those who are still with us.Come have an extraordinary tequila drinking experience with us. Viva Muerto!

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